St Peter's Residents' Association

July 2017

Summer event

This was held in the riverside garden of the Beerling Hall by king permission of the King's School.
It was a fish and chip supper with a complimentary glass of wine and strawberries & cream to follow.

Music was provided by the excellent 'Ben Rogers Jazz Band'. (

There was a somewhat difficult quiz and a raffle.



The problem of the proliferation of A Frames in the city centre was discussed and it was left with the Secretary to progress the matter further.

Various possibilities for a summer picnic event (no cooking permitted at the Beerling Hall) and a quiz night were discussed.

Membership fees are unchanged -£4 single, £6 family..

Election of committee officers

The Treasurer was not able to continue as he was moving to Hythe. Alan Turner has agreed to join the committee as Treasurer.
The three other existing members of the committee, Richard Parkinson (Chairman), Andrew Kerin (Vice-chairman) and Chris Millar (Secretary) were all willing to stand for re-election.  Their re-election and the election of Alan Turner were unanimously agreed.

Election of other members of the committee

Amy Barron, has resigned from the committee. The other members of the committee, Clive Bowley, Gillian Rushton and Kevin Porée were all willing to stand for re-election.  It was proposed that all three should be elected and this was unanimously agreed.

Park Gates Unlocked at night

Back in 2011 it was found by one of our members that various open spaces were to be left unlocked. This was the subject of a supplementary addition to the councils cost cutting budget proposals. Our then chairman, Hilary McKernan, instigated a vigerous campaign to get the proposals reversed. This included a feature in the local paper, a direct appeal to the police chief and the chief executive, and numerous emails from members to Larissa Lang. A public meeting followed with over a hundred members and other interested parties attending. As a result the council looked at the proposals again and came up with a solution. They decided that Solly's Orchard, The Butterfly Garden, The Greyfriars Garden, would remain locked at night using the Civil Enforcement Officers (traffic wardens) in the course of their normal rounds. The SPRA got the agreement of the adjoining restaurant to deal with the locking of The Three Cities garden in Best Lane. In addition the Westgate Garden, Canterbury Castle and Greyfriars Garden would also remain locked at night.

However towards the end of 2016 it was found that the gates to Solly's Orchard were being being left unlocked. After enquiries by our Secretary it was found that a junior member of the council had made the decision to save costs. It appeared that the locking had reverted back to the responsibility of Serco which was costing about £30,000 per annum. This seemed strange as there had been no reason given as to why the locking had been removed from the Civil Enforcement Officers. There was a published document in 2011, which set out the locking schedule for various areas, which was approved by the Executive in July 2011. Click HERE to read it. The minutes of the meeting read:

Item E47
The Portfolio Holder introduced the report of the Head of Housing, Community Safety and Environmental Services on the Notice of Motion, which had been proposed by Councillor Flanagan at the Council Meeting on 28 April 2011. When considering the report, the Executive also took into account the petitions to the Council meeting by Mr Pascal and Councillor Linfield. The Leader extended his thanks to the Civil Enforcement Officers and Serco, who would continue to provide the resources for the opening and closing of gates.

RESOLVED – That the proposed arrangements for the closing of gates, which were cost neutral to the Council, be implemented, meaning that all gates except for the Herne Bay Memorial Gardens, Wincheap Play Area and Martyrs Field Gardens, be locked

In March 2017 the matter was discussed at the Camp meeting. The current decision has now been temporarily suspended and being reconsidered. Tricia Marshall is currently the person responsible for the matter.

The Christmas Party 2016 This was held at 7pm on Wednesday 14th December in the Beerling Hall. (This is at the end of the lane, Dons Way, off St Peters Street behind the Marlowe Theatre site). This was a free event for members. Click HERE for link to poster for further details. This was well attended by about 60 members who enjoyed mince pies, stollen, Christmas cake and wine and each other’s company. David Clarke was an accomplished musical accompanist and as a result the carol singing was very lively and enjoyable. We are grateful to The King’s School for allowing us to use The Beerling Hall.

April 2017 4-6 Orange St update

The premises are now advertised to let!

Oct 2016

4-6 Orange St update

The owner of the 4-6 Orange St premises has taken over the premises next door and opened it as the 'Teatros Bar' for which there was an existing licence. Work on the conversion of 4-6 Orange St did not continue. However he recently placed an advertisement in a local newspaper indicating that it was intended to re-open it as a restaurant in 2017. "The future plan is to expand in to a new restaurant next door in 2017. It would be a new style of restaurant and there isn't another one like it"

Summer barbeque 21 July

This took place at The Beerling Hall on Thursday 21 July. It’s a pity there were not more members present to enjoy a warm summer evening listening to the Ben Rogers Band, who played a selection of easy-listening music. Kevin Porée arranged a miniquiz for each table.

June 2016

4-6 Orange St

Planning permission was granted for a new restaurant here, despite objections from a number of residents. The owners then submitted an application for a premises licence with plans which were totally different from those for the planning application. The kitchen area was reduced to a fraction of its former size, the designated dining areas were no longer there, and instead there were booths, high chairs, sofas etc., and some open space, all of which suggested that this would be more of a bar than a restaurant. Indeed the company’s name is ‘Theatre House Bar Ltd’.
Several residents spoke at the hearing of the Licensing Sub-Committee (and we were represented by Niall McKernan). The committee refused the application for a licence saying that the plans ‘gave the impression of a bar rather than a restaurant’. In a further development we wrote to the enforcement team at the Council and alerted them to the fact that the plans were now different from those for which the planning application had been granted, and the owner has had to stop
work until the position is clarified.

SPRA Annual General Meeting 14 April 2016

Welcome by the Chairman, Richard Parkinson
The Chairman welcomed members to the AGM and explained that the unavailability of The Beerling hall for most of last year had caused some difficulties.  It was impossible to find a venue for the barbecue, for example, and although the quiz night had itself been successful, the Westgate Hall was rather too large for that event and also too expensive.  However, thanks to The King’s School we are now able to use The Beerling Hall and look forward to continuing with its use for some time.  The barbecue, the quiz night and the Christmas party would, we hoped, all be held here.  A provisional date for the barbecue is 21 July and for the quiz night 8 October.  He thanked Gillian Rushton for her hard work in organising these events and Niall McKernan for continuing to nurture the roses in Solly's Orchard. 

The new houses in St Peter’s Lane have now been completed, though not all occupied as yet.  They are a great improvement on what was there before.  We’re leaving membership invitations with the new residents when they arrive. 

Apologies for absence
Apologies for absence were received from Father Mark Ball, Clive Bowley, Sharon Keenor, Andrew Kerin, June Millar. Richard Owen, Kevin Porée, Liz and Geoffrey Richardson, Alan and Kristina Roberton, Gemma van-Vuuren Cassar. 

Minutes of the last meeting
These had been circulated and were unanimously agreed.

Treasurer’s Report
Copies of the reports had been made available to the members present.  Gary Edelman, the Treasurer, explained that the deficit of £287 arose from our use of the Westgate Hall for the Quiz Night.  Their charges were very high but at the time we had no alternative.  We now have the use of The Beerling Hall again and we expect to break even in the present financial year.  The SPRA had good reserves which we wished to maintain in case there were unforeseeable expenses such as legal costs.  The accounts were unanimously agreed.

Membership subscriptions for 2016-2017
These would be unchanged at £6 per household, but £4 if the household had only a single resident.

Election of committee officers
The four existing members of the committee, Richard Parkinson (Chairman), Andrew Kerin (Vice-chairman), Chris Millar (secretary) and Gary Edelman (Treasurer) were all willing to stand for re-election.  Their re-election was unanimously agreed.

Election of other members of the committee

The other members of the committee (Clive Bowley, Gillian Rushton and Kevin Porée) were all willing to stand for re-election.  Another member, Amy Barron, had offered herself for election to the committee.  It was proposed that all four should be elected and this was unanimously agreed.

Changes to constitution

These amendments were proposed and agreed:


original wording

proposed wording

reason for change


Nominations for an election of the four officers and other members of the committee shall be made.

Nominations for an election of the four officers and other members of the committee shall be made at least 7 days before the AGM.

To allow time for the proposed new member(s) to meet members of the existing committee and find out what is involved.


Members, other than those co-opted, shall each have one vote.

Members, including those co-opted, shall each have one vote.

At present we have only 7 members on the committee. We need all members to be eligible to vote to increase the chances of our meetings being quorate.

. . .and five elected members shall constitute a quorum.

. . .and five members shall constitute a quorum.


David Lewis, a previous Chairman of the Canterbury Historical and Archaeological Society, and a frequent contributor to the local press was our guest speaker., He entertained us with a talk about some interesting and puzzling features of the St Peter’s area. Many of these were objects which we would probably pass by without noticing, but which, when researched, proved very interesting.  Members very much enjoyed his interesting talk.

The meeting  formally closed at 8.10 p.m. but members  continued to enjoy the wine and nibbles until 9.30 p.m.

King Street car crash February 2016

King St car crash damage

A car mounted the pavement and demolished the protective bollard. The bollards were installed some years by Kent Highways at the instigation of the SPRA. Had the bollard not been there the adjoining house would have been severely damaged. The white car did not remain. It backed off and drove away minus its nearside light cluster and part of the wing. The bollard has since been re-instated and the pavement repaired - after a delay of 3 months from Highways!

The SPRA Christmas Party on 16 December 2015

This was well attended by about 60 members who enjoyed mince pies and wine and each other’s company.
Jonathan Duke provided a musical accompaniment for those who wished to sing carols.
We are grateful to The King’s School for allowing us to use The Beerling Hall, and were glad that Poppy Beerling could be present for this first social use of the Hall.


This was held at The Conservative Club 31 St Margaret's Street on 9th April at 7:30pm

The Chairman gave a welcome to the members present.

He explained that our annual BBQ could not take place due to the closure of the Dominican Priory. However now that the King's School have been given an extended lease of the premises, which have been renamed as Beerling Hall in memory of the late owner, there is the possibility of future reuse as an SPRA venue.

He reported that the newly planted roses in Solly's Orchard are doing well.

Margaret Hagan has stood down from the committee after many years of service and she was thanked and given a gift and bouquet.

The Secretary, Richard Owen, has also stood down and was thanked and given a gift.

Chris Millar has agreed to take over as Secretary. Clive Bowley has agreed to take responsibility for planning matters. The committee is otherwise unchanged.

The accounts for 2014 showed a slight deficit but it was agreed that the current subscription would be unchanged.

Cllr. James Flanagan, our guest speaker, reviewed the work done by our Westgate ward councillors over the past year. In a question and answer session topics were discussed including the St Dunstan's traffic scheme, bus routing, the proliferation of 'A Frames' and Tower House.



Northgate News

The City Council has approved plans to enhance the appearance of Northgate by extending the improvements already made in Palace Street through the Borough and along Northgate. Plans include narrowing roads, widening pavements and introducing similar road surfacing, street furniture and lighting to give "a consistent King's Mile appearance". A cycle lane is also planned for Northgate and additional short stay parking will be provided in Union Street. The City Council hopes that these improvements will help regenerate the area and attract new businesses. Work to make these improvements started in January 2015.

Abbots Mill Footbridge and Sluice

Weir Gates
Abbot's Mill Gardens Footbridge and Sluice

About two years ago Niall McKernan applied on behalf of the St Peter's Residents' Association for the sluice at the end of Solly's Orchard to be added as part of the Abbot's Mill site Scheduled Ancient Monument status. We have just been given the following good news from English Heritage:

"Following your application to add the above building to the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest, we have now considered all the representations made and completed our assessment of the building. I am pleased to inform you that having considered our recommendation, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport has decided to add Abbot's Mill footbridge and sluice to the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. The building is now listed at Grade II. The List entry for this building, together with a map, has now been published on the National Heritage List for England, and is now available for public access ref 1419121. This List can be accessed through our website".

We were asked to consider extending the scheduled area for the Abbot's Mill Scheduled Ancient Monument (NHLE 1004198) to include the associated Abbot's Mill footbridge and sluice. As it is no longer practice to schedule structures such as this, but to list them, we have assessed it for listing instead.


Abbot's Mill footbridge and sluice of 1829 is recommended for listing for the following principal reasons:
* Design interest and level of survival: the structure is a handsome, operational example of early C19
engineering, unusual for having only minor alterations and additions to its original fabric;
* Historic interest and group value: the structure is adjacent to, and functionally associated with, the
scheduled Abbot's Mill site.

More planting in Solly's Orchard

Sept 2014. The application for further planting has now been approved subject to the submission of a detailed planting scheme. This is current being prepared and will be submitted in the near future. The stainless steel support wires have already been installed.

July 2014. Following the planting of the roses the SPRA has now made another application to English Heritage for the planting of additional climbing plants on either side of the roses thus giving a continuous row of planting along the entire length of the wall. If we obtain permission in time this planting should take place during the autumn.

Roses in Solly's Orchard

Several members of our Association formed a steering group in 2012, 'Friends of the Riverside', to encourage local residents' associations and other groups to carry out enhancement projects along the riverside. The SPRA committee at the time proposed providing a line of climbing roses along the centre section of the old brick wall in Solly's Orchard. This was put to the members at the 2013 AGM and was unanimously approved. However, Solly's Orchard is a designated ancient monument and formal permission had first to be obtained for the planting. Niall McKernan doggedly progressed the application and permission was finally granted 12 months later! The roses were planted in May 2014. Stainless steel support wires will be added shortly together with an information plaque. The roses are the 'Compassion' variety, highly scented and with an extended flowering period. The SPRA acknowledge with thanks contributions made by several local residents towards the costs of funding this project.

SPRA AGM Four members of the committee have left during the year. The remaining existing members all stood for re-election and were voted into office for a further year. Richard Owen was confirmed as Secretary and Gary Edelman as Treasurer. Chris Millar has joined the committee with responsibility for our riverside activities. Full details of the committee are on the COMMITTEE page.

St Dunstan's Traffic scheme update

KCC are carrying out further minor works including the addition of a pedestrian crossing in West Station Road, retaining the widened pavements and making the area a 20 mph zone.

KCC transport supremo David Brazier confirmed on 19th December 2013 that Kent County Council’s will not create a new traffic management system in St Dunstan’s and the surrounding streets. This follows the publishing of the results of the consultation; more than 80% of people in Canterbury voted for scheme E to keep the Westgate Towers open to traffic.

St Dunstan's Traffic scheme consultation Oct 2013

Westgate Towers
St Dunstans Traffic Scheme Consultation Oct 2013

There is a current (19 Oct 2013)'consultation' regarding the traffic flow in St Dunstan's and the Westgate Towers. There are five alternative scheme offered labelled A to E.

The St Peters Residents Association was part of the initial consultation input and strongly supports option 'E' - keep the present arrangement, with the addition of a width restriction on the Towers to keep out large vehicles.

The link to the consultation document is:

St Dunstan's

The deadline for responses is 9 December 2013.

Public exhibition There will be a public exhibition at Canterbury Library from 14 October to 11 November 2013 between 10am and 4pm. This exhibition will have KCC representatives in attendance on the following days if you wish to discuss the proposals further: Thursday 24 October, 9am to 8pm Saturday 2 November, 10am to 2pm Thursday 7 November, 9am to 8pm

SPA BBQ July 2013

SPA Quiz 22nd June 2013

This was held at the Dominican Priory on Saturday 22 June at 6:30 for 7pm. £6 per head and tables of 6. There were two bottles of wine per table, 6 bags of crisps and some nibbles. Members brought additional drinks and food 'hamper' to suit their requirements. There was a full house of 14 tables.

Hilary McKernan Chairman SPRA report to the April 2013 AGM

Good evening everyone and welcome to the Annual General Meeting of the St Peter’s Residents’ Association.

My first duty is a sad one.  As many of you now know, Margaret Keeler died peacefully in the Red House nursing home on April the 3rd.   Margaret had been a member of our Committee for many, many years and served several different Chairmen.  During my time as Chairman I got to know her well and I came to value her input to SPRA affairs highly.  She never missed a Committee meeting and could always be counted on to carry out any duty I asked her to do cheerfully, competently and promptly.  She was genuinely charitable and generous.  I feel Margaret epitomised what is best about the SPRA.

Last year at the AGM I said that the Committee had voted to donate money for a bench to be placed in the St Peter’s area.  I duly approached the Council but, somewhat to my surprise, our donation was not welcomed with much enthusiasm.  It seems that the Council already has had sufficient benches donated.  So our idea did not come to fruition.  However, with the growing interest in Canterbury in Bloom the Committee decided to put the money that had been allocated for the bench to planting roses along the old wall in Solly’s Orchard.  They would be rambling and climbing roses long-flowering and strongly scented and care would be taken to choose varieties that do not invite anyone to pick them.  I lf you are happy with this proposal, the roses will be bought and planted as soon as possible and perhaps a small group of volunteers could be formed to look after them.  We will have a small plaque placed on the wall to say that the roses have been donated by the SPRA.  Could you indicate by show of hands whether you like this idea?

This year has been a busy one for the SPRA Committee and has had two events that were variations on the usual pattern of each year.  Firstly, we decided to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by holding a picnic in Solly’s Orchard for members and their families and friends.  The date was set for June 4th and all the necessary preparations were put in hand.  As you will all remember, the Jubilee day itself was deluged by rain and June 4th was very little better.  A picnic would have been a miserable affair and my first reaction was to cancel.  Then I remembered our friends at the Westgate Hall.  I emailed Adelina and asked if, as a special favour, we could use the hall for an indoor picnic.  Back came the reply “Of course, and we will come too!”
Niall and I did some frantic emailing and telephoning to try to contact as many members as possible to give them the new arrangements and then we dressed ourselves up in our patriotic red, white and blue and set off for the Westgate Hall.  When we got there we found that Richard Parkinson had been in and had set up all the tables and chairs for us and Margaret Hagan had magiced up some bunting and decorated beautifully.  We had about 40 people and everyone said it was a most enjoyable afternoon and a truly British celebration of the occasion.

The summer continued to be relentlessly wet, and in July as we prepared for the barbecue, the forecast was gloomy.  However, the day although grey was dry and we thought we could still hold the barbecue.  We were lent a gazebo by Pete and Lucy Boutwood, which we erected in the Priory garden and the barbecue was placed under the gazebo - which was just as well as it turned out.  The barbecue was lit and members were starting to arrive when the first rain began to fall.  But, nothing daunted, we put up the tables and chairs in the hall, the band set up at one end of the hall and Bridget, our chef, proceeded to cook under the gazebo while the rain lashed down.  We had such support and help from everyone and I must particularly mention Nick and Jill Leader who went to and fro through the rain with food from the barbecue to the serving tables in the hall. 
Our numbers were down, of course, as many people had stayed away because of the weather, but the evening was a great success and many of you commented on the happy atmosphere and seemed almost to enjoy all being squashed together! I think it is the first time an SPRA barbecue has been rained on; anyway it is the first one I can remember.
The barbecue made a loss due to the weather and so we decided to try to do something to redress this and we came up with the idea of a quiz.  Another first for our Association.  The quiz was held in November with 12 tables of contestants.  Robin Joy made a splendid quiz master and Kevin Poree did a great job not only thinking up all the questions but then keeping the score and, with Niall’s help, displaying the scores projected onto a screen.  It made a good social evening and I was asked by several members for a repeat.  Watch this space.

During the year your Committee has been involved in the Big Clean, we have taken part in several meetings on the Westgate traffic scheme and written letters to the Council about our views on this scheme.  We have joined a new police initiative – the Police and Community Forum – for representatives of local residents’ associations to put the needs of their particular area to the Police Commander.  And, as you have just heard from Robin, we have been involved with the Council in plans for the riverside in our area.  We have kept a watchful eye on Planning applications and Licensing issues and spoken at Council meetings when appropriate.  We continue to try to listen to individual members’ requests and to do what we can to help.  Our Neighbourhood Watch leaflet continues not only to keep us informed about local crime, but to serve as a notice board of forthcoming SPRA events.  I thank Andrew for all the hard work he does to produce this leaflet every month and all the street representatives who deliver the leaflets to your doors. 

This year there will be several changes to your Committee.  Alexi, our Secretary, is standing down; we thank her for the time she has spent with us.  Janet Scott is also standing down and I personally thank Janet for all the support and advice she has given me.  Janet did not want to rejoin the Committee as she has already been Secretary and Chairman, but I persuaded her to join us and her experience and encyclopedic knowledge of Canterbury have been invaluable.  Polly is moving to Ramsgate and has given me her resignation after serving on the Committee for a long time.  We will greatly miss Polly’s contribution to the Committee.  Particularly at the barbecue Polly has been behind so much of the preparations and hard work.  She has always been so generous in donating raffle prizes especially the champagne that was always our star prize.  Polly will be hard to replace, but we wish her well in her new life and thank her for all her work on behalf of the SPRA.

 Margaret Hagan who could not be here tonight,  has told me that she is willing to stand for another year and now I ask Gillian, Andrew and Clive as existing Committee members, if they are also willing to stand for another year. Could I have a proposer and seconder? We are very pleased to welcome Chris Hunter-Johnson as our new Treasurer.  Could I have a proposer and seconder for Chris?

And, finally, I am also standing down as I have been Chairman for three years and I feel it is time for someone else to take over. It has been a great experience and I thank all the Committee members who have supported me so well.
Now I would like to introduce to you Richard Parkinson who has offered to be your next Chairman subject to being proposed and seconded tonight.  Could I have a proposer for Richard?  And a seconder? 

Just before I hand over to Richard could I remind members that subscriptions are due to be paid by the 30th April.  The amount has not been changed - £5 for a family, £3 for a single member.  If you can pay today can you speak to Niall when we all go downstairs for the social part of the evening.
So now I am handing over to Richard.

SPA Quiz 19 Nov 2012

This is the final score sheet of the SPA quiz. The blue squares are the Joker rounds with the scores doubled.
The 'Floozies' having started with zero for their Joker round carried on in a similar manner to come a well
deserved last and collected the special wooden spoon prize (one each).


SPA BBQ 2012


SPA BBQ 2011

City centre spruced up for Summer

The 2011 Big Clean event saw hundreds of people working together in partnership with CCP to clean, sweep and clear litter from the city’s streets and open spaces. Shop fronts, bus stops, phone boxes, pavements and pedestrian subways were spruced up, stickers and fly posters were removed and a major river clean took place, as well as many smaller scale cleaning projects.

More than a dozen community groups and businesses, including our team from the SPA, joined in The Big Clean, which was organised by the City Centre Partnership.

The SPA concentrated on clearing a lot of the overhanging bushes and weeds at the former Christchurch Art Centre in St Peter’s Lane. It took more than six hours of hard work to make it look a bit more presentable for the summer.

Serco removed the graffiti, gave a coat of paint to parts of the building, and provided us with high visibility jackets, gloves and rubbish sacks.

The blitz on Friday and Saturday was co-coordinated by city centre manager Philippe Esclasse who said it had been a big success. He said: "It really is an example of community spirit at its best and I was very pleased so many people took part.

Thanks to Janet Scott, Gillian Rushton and Clive Bowley for giving up their Saturday and working extremely hard to make our area look a bit smarter.

Park Gates

May 2011. Buried deep in the Council's cost cutting budget proposals was a supplementary appendix 6 - New savings and additional income. "End park gate locking service". It was intended that this would take effect as from 1st April. This item was discovered last Month. A vigorous response was made to all interested parties, including the chief of police and our local newspaper. As a result our chairman received an email from Colin Carmichael stating: "...Given the concern, we have agreed to defer our decision for 2-3 months to see whether there are alternatives which would work as well"

CROMWELLS/ G-BarKing Street. The Premises was been purchased by a private buyer and has been shut as from 4 November 2010.

The St Peters Association took part in the big clean up of the City on Saturday 9th October 2010 in conjunction with The Canterbury Society. The river and the footpaths on either side, between The Millers Arms and Sainsbury's had large amounts of rubbish and litter removed.

river clean up NM in river

G Bar in King Street is no more since about 18th October. The premises have been sold and closed until further notice.

THE ST PETERS ASSOCIATION BBQ took place as usual on 22 June 2010 at the Dominican Priory.

THE ST PETERS ASSOCIATION AGM 2010 The AGM took place at The Dominican Priory on Thursday 22 April at 7pm. A new constitution was adopted which you will find on this site. There were various changes to the Officers and committee. Hilary McKernan was elected as Chairman, Andrew Barnes as Vice Chairman and Lucy Boutwood as Secretary. Barry Clarke was re-elected as Treasurer. Polly Coburn, Margaret Hagan, Margaret Keeler and Gillian Rushton were re-elected as the other committee members.


Lady Luck St Peter's Street has been granted a music licence. One live and one recorded event per month both to end by 11pm. Noise suppressor to be fitted to the music system. Back door to garden to be kept closed. Update 24 April. Licence extended early 2012 to enable music events twice a week.

Licence Reviews: See Archives

BEANEY The SPA will be participating in a Forum (made up of local residents) to have regular meetings with the Council’s Project Manager. At the first meeting we insisted that serious problems should be resolved as and when they arise, in the construction of the Beaney and Marlowe Theatre. The initial proposed construction vehicle routes, for both large and small vehicles entering this compact area, must be organised so that as little disruption as possible is caused to residents and also to avoid damaging precious properties. The Council, so far, are taking this matter very seriously.  We have put forward a suggestion for a one-way traffic flow system while construction vehicles enter and leave the sites.

PLANNING APPLICATIONS Apart from the Beaney and Marlowe Theatre we have been very active in scrutinising many other planning applications and, when necessary, making sensible comments; plus voicing our disquiet over the “shabbiness” in parts of the city.  We have serious graffiti problems which are getting worse and poor maintenance of many buildings and roads.  Where is our city pride!

CANTERBURY CONSERVATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE (CCAC) We have a representative on the CCAC, which is of tremendous help in keeping us up to date with all the Planning Applications in the City and enables us to give our views on matters which concern this area.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH We have a very successful Neighbourhood Watch scheme in our area.  When space is available in their monthly newsletter they are including updates from the SPA Committee.

P.A.C.T Update 24 April. This seems to have died or be in suspended animation.

We continue to plod on attending the Partners and Community Together meetings. After two years we have just acquired a Chairman! At last a little action… when the SPA suggested that the police van (which is used by the Special Constables during the day) be used at night with a paramedic, licensing officer etc. on hand, the Police thought this was a very good idea. This van can be parked anywhere in Canterbury to act as an effective deterrent and will be able to take immediate action when necessary. We await feedback. More good news… in the past the police could only give a warning to people caught urinating in public, now however, police can hand out an “on the spot” £80 fine!

King Street traffic management

King Street
King Street bollards
Bollards were installed on 5th May 2005 down a considerable length of King St to prevent, as far as possible, vehicles mounting the pavements to pass and to park. They have been very successful in slowing the traffic down; as vehicles now have to wait until the road ahead is free.