The Association shall be called the St Peter’s Residents' Association.


The aim of the Association is to represent the interests of residents in or about the St Peters, Blackfriars and Northgate areas of Canterbury in matters affecting their environment and welfare.  A list of roads that we represent is appended.


All residents in the above areas are eligible for membership of the Association.  All adult members of a household are individually eligible to vote.  The Association is non-political, non denominational and non-profit making.


The business of the Association shall be conducted by the Officers, comprising a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and a Treasurer, assisted by a committee of not more than six members. Members, including those co-opted, shall each have one vote.  Any committee member must have a telephone and Officers must have an email connection.  Members must agree to have their names, addresses and position held made public.
The committee shall meet at least 9 times a year and five members shall constitute a quorum.
Only one member of an immediate family can serve on the committee.
Any committee member who is absent from three consecutive committee meetings without sending an apology and for no good reason is automatically deemed to have resigned from the committee.
The committee may designate positions within the committee to fulfil particular functions such as responsibility for monitoring planning applications.  These positions can be terminated at any time by a majority vote of the committee.  The committee can if necessary also delegate specific responsibilities to a person or body outside the committee.  Additional or replacement members can be co-opted onto the committee. 
Should any Officer resign from the committee other than at an AGM then the committee can elect one of the committee or another member to fill the vacancy until the next AGM.


Twenty members shall constitute a quorum.
A general meeting of the Association shall be held every year in April on a date to be fixed by the committee at which:

a) Nominations for an election of the four officers and other members of the committee shall be made at least 7 days before the AGM. Each shall remain in office until the next annual general meeting unless he or she resigns or is dismissed from office by a special general meeting.  Retiring members may stand for re-election and any proposed new members must be proposed and seconded.

b) All elections and resolutions shall be decided by the majority vote of all members present on a show of hands and in the event of a tie the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

c) The accounts for the preceding calendar year shall be verified by an independent professional person and presented for approval.

d) The annual subscription for the succeeding year will be proposed and agreed.  The subscription is due by 30th April and will run until the following 30th April.  In the event of a new member joining on or after 1st November, they shall have membership until the end of the next successive membership year.

e) Any proposed amendments to the constitution must be received in writing at least 7 days before the date of the AGM and will be accepted if approved by at least two thirds of those members present at that meeting.


A special general meeting of the Association may be convened by the committee when it deems such a meeting to be necessary or at the instance of twenty members presenting a duly signed petition to the Secretary, Chairman or Vice-Chairman. The date and hour of such a meeting shall be fixed by the Chairman, Vice-chairman or Secretary and shall be held within twenty eight days of the committee’s decision or the presentation of the petition. At least seven days clear notice in writing of a special general meeting shall be given to every member of the Association.  Such notice shall state the business to be transacted. Twenty members shall constitute a quorum. All resolutions shall be decided by the majority vote of all members present on a show of hands and in the event of a tie the Chairman shall have a casting vote.


a) Payment for all routine and administration expenses of the Association which do not exceed £100 per item may be authorised by two of the Officers.

b) All other payments shall require the authorisation of the Committee.

c) The bank account will have as signatories up to three designated committee Officers.  All cheques must be signed by two of the Officers.

d) The Association funds must only be used for the benefit and amenities of the members.  No donations are to be made to any charity.


This constitution can only be changed at a special or annual general meeting with a two thirds majority of those members present.


The Association may be wound up at any time by resolution of a special general meeting after due notice of the proposed resolution has been delivered to all. If there is no quorum then the meeting shall be reconvened as another special general meeting.  In this event the vote will be decided by a simple majority with the chairman having a casting vote in the event of a tie. In the event of a resolution to wind up the Association being carried, all assets of the Association shall be distributed among local charitable bodies or other community groups with similar aims to that of the Association, all as agreed at the meeting.


Abbots Place Mill Lane St Peter's Lane
Church Lane Northgate St Peter's Place
Cobden Place Orange Street St Peter's Street
Duck Lane Palace Street St Radigund's Place
The Friars Pound Lane St Radigund's Street
High Street (part) St Alphege Lane Tower Way
King Street St John's Place Turnagain Lane
Knotts Lane St Peter's Grove

30 May 2016

updated re co-opted members