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Updated July 2015

PV array

Planning Application CA//12/00173

This is for two photovoltaic arrays on the recently cleared land between 23 Pound Lane and the river. Each array will be 33' wide and mounted 5' above the ground giving a total height of 13'6". They will each be surrounded by a 6' high close boarded fence.

All as per this photomontage impression showing the appearance from the other side of St Radigunds road. If you wish to comment to the Council regarding this application then this has to be done by 8th April.

Details are on the Council website under planning applications.








  • CROMWELLS BAR King Street The Bar is now shut as from 23 July until further notice.

  • CROMWELLS The new management have renamed SCRIBES as CROMWELLS. They opened on 11th February 2010. See NEWS for more details

  • The G-Spot departed in June and there followed some intermittant musical evenings. April.

    There was a change of Manager in early March and the Licensee took over running the premises personally. He currently has the 'G-Spot' Gay organisation, who have departed from the Biz, providing entertainment most Fridays and Saturdays.

    22 Feb. Cromwells is now their advertised name. It is now seems unlikely that matters will develop as per the initial meeting of 10 Feb. They have since stated they are aiming to be a music venue playing COMMERCIAL, R&B & HOUSE music! Not exactly a mix which will appeal to local residents.

    18 Feb. A meeting was held with two local residents and the new licencee on Wednesday 10th February when he explained how he intended to run the premises. He has chosen a new name to get away from their previous image. He said they are intending to be more neighbourhood friendly appealing to a wider audience. A new kitchen is planned so meals can be offered. Their opening evening was Thursday 11th which was a charity event in support of Haiti. It was well attended and several local residents were there.

  • St Peters Association AGM 2009 The St Peters Association AGM was held at The Dominican Priory on Thursday 24th April at 7pm. Our guest speakers were John Gilbey (Leader of the Council) and Kate Greenaway (Marlowe Theatre and Beaney Institute Project Manager)

    Christmas Party 2009 This was held as usual at The Dominican Priory on Thursday 17th December at 7pm.

    Solly's Orchard The sycamore trees have been cleared together with some in the Dominican Priory grounds. The long awaited fruit trees have been planted, with protective metal cages.

    SCRIBES There was a lengthy hearing on 18th October 2006. Scribes were not granted any alteration to their hours or regulated activities. They also now have to submit their Lap Dancing Club rules for approval by the Council Licensing Department. They were granted permission to extend their licensed area to include the disused kitchen area.

    September 2006


    A non-technical summary has been released. This document is the non-technical summary of the scoping report for the sustainability appraisal of Canterbury Districts' Local Development Framework. It describes the major issues for sustainable development in the District and describes how the appraisal will be undertaken. Click HERE to read the summary.


    New signs have been erected in various streets in our area. Click HERE to go to the Neighbourhood Watch page for more details and photo. We are issuing newsletters to each household each month

    Click the Underlined blue names below for the licensing decisions for those pubs etc which our members had expressed concern about. (Decisions will be added as and when available).

    Local Heros The application for Local Heros was strongly resisted and their hours were substantially curtailed to little more than that which they have at present. They have now double glazed their rear windows which has removed the noise problem to residents at their rear.

    Orange St Music Club (formally Local Heros)


    Seven Stars

    Simple Simons

    The Millers Arms

    The Canterbury Tales

    The Bell and Crown

    The Dolphin

    The Hobgoblin

    Jolly Sailor

    Penny Theatre

    Pilgrims Hotel

    The Cricketers

    The Thomas Becket

  • CO2 CITY BAR (previously Scribes) The premises have been re-let to a new tenant. CO2 closed as from 26 January.

  • MAKING LICENSING REPRESENTATIONS Details are given on the Council website and click HERE for the published Government information.
  • CO2 CITY BAR (previously Scribes) They obtained additions to their licence. One hour extra Friday and Saturday. Increase in occupancy to 230. Click HERE for full details.

  • CO2 CITY BAR (previously Scribes) They made a major variation licence application on 25 August. Click HERE for PDF file of the actual application pages.

  • BAR Kandi They applied for an appeal against the Review decision. The appeal was heard just before Christmas but was adjourned until January to give residents an opportunity to object to new proposals. It has since been withdrawn and their licence is as the link below.
  • BAR Kandi The review resulted in a significant alteration to their licence which included 1/2 hr off their hours each day and no regulated entertainment (background music only). Click HERE for the minutes.

  • BAR Kandi had a review of their Licence served on them on 4th September based on their alleged breach of all 4 Licensing objectives.

  • BAR Kandi applied on 24th August for a significant variation to their licence.

  • Retiring Chairmans newsletter April 2009 -see Archives

  • NEW CHAIRMAN David Barnes agreed to be our new chairman at the 2009 AGM.

  • The 2009 AGM of the Association was held on 30th April at 7:00pm. Our guest speakers were John Gilbey (Leader of the Council) and Kate Greenaway (Marlowe Theatre and Beaney Institute Project Manager)
  • Christmas Party 2009 Our usual Christmas Party was held at the Dominican Priory in December.

  • BARBEQUE 2009 The annual barbeque was held as usual at the Dominican Priory on 9th July. Quiz, jazz band and food.
  • SCRIBES ceased trading in April 2009. A new organisation now styled CO2 City Bar took over the premises and opened for business on 5 June.

  • SCRIBES October 2006. At the hearing on 18th October 2006 the Licensing Committee decided not to give any alteration to the existing licencing hours or activities but granted permission to include the disused kitchen as part of the licensed area.

  • SCRIBES September 2006. A revision application was submitted. The Council Licensing Department received 76 letters of objection. See NEWS page for more details

  • LICENSING The Licensing Department will require all licensed premises to display a list of their opening hours.

  • JOINT REPRESENTATIONS The St Peters Association, St Mildred's Association and The Oaten Hill Association are co-operating in making joint representations to the Council, Police etc in matters affecting residents in the City.

  • LICENSING CHANGE Statement issued on 23 Sept 2006 by The Culture Secretary, Tessa Jowell.
  • LICENSING COMMITTEE It appears that the Licensing Councilors dealt more harshly with applications for extended hours in residential areas.

  • MEMBERSHIP SUCCESS We have substantially boosted our membership. We now have over 300 members.



Licence Reviews:  Having dealt with the problems arising from initial licensing applications, we are now active in dealing with the “Licence Reviews” of these premises.  If establishments wish to change their trading hours and/or the conditions under which their licence was granted; or they break any of their licence conditions, then we can take action by requesting a Licence Review. In the latter case it is necessary to have consistent and definite proof in writing of any condition breach - this might include keeping a diary/record of events or incidents; a record of complaints made to the Responsible Authorities about the premises; and supporting statements from fellow neighbours or witnesses.

New Government Legislation expected for Lap Dancing Clubs:  As a result of much correspondence to MPs (and especially to our most helpful local MP, Julian Brazier) we welcome a proposal by the Government to change the law; in that Lap Dancing Clubs would be reclassified as “sex encounter” venues. This means that the premises would require a special licence (more expensive than under the current adult entertainment category). More importantly, we hope that there will be greater restrictions on where they can operate their businesses, i.e. not near schools or in residential areas.  We await further news of this Government initiative with much interest.

“Special Saturation Policy”: Orange Street has become saturated with licensed premises – all concentrated in one small street! We were much involved in persuading the Licensing Authorities that the new “saturation area” law would ensure that no more extended hours; or indeed the opening of more pubs/clubs, would be permitted in Orange Street.  This we understand is now the law. We shall see!

It is because of our persistence at Council hearings, that in this area, we experience fewer extended licensing hours in this “Vibrant Late Night Economy” (that was thrust on us by Government and by some irresponsible Councillors, who at the time advocated this).  We had much to do and with the support of members we have been able to suppress “longer hours” and have insisted on many licence conditions in this area.