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July 2019

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Audrey Eyton, a long standing member has recently died. She was well known for her best selling FPlan diet book.

The SPRA Summer Party

The Party will be held in the garden of the Beerling Hall starting at 5:30 pm.

AGM 2019

The AGM had to be moved at short notice. Thieves stripped lead off the roof of the Old Synagogue and it was not posible to use it. The venue was changed to the pupilsí social centre underneath the Shirley Hall.

The SPRA AGM will be held at The Old Synagogue, King Street, on Thursday 11th April at 6:30 pm for 7:00 pm in The Old Synagogue (between 20 and 21 King Street) by kind permission of The King’s School.  Refreshments will be provided.  The meeting will be on the ground floor, and the entrance gates will accommodate a wheelchair.  The agenda will be published with the next newsletter, due on 1 April. 

Members of the committee are obliged to retire at the end of each year, but may stand for re-election.  Their re-election is proposed and seconded at the AGM.  Any prospective new members of the committee need to be proposed and seconded seven days before the AGM, i.e. by Thursday 4 April: contact the Secretary.

Quiz night

Our Quiz Night, was held in The Old Synagogue on Saturday 13 October by kind permission of the King's School.
We normally use the Beerling Hall but it is temporarily unavailable. Fortunately there were only 8 teams in all, which completely filled the available space! An enjoyable evening was had by all. Kevin Poirée set a wide ranging collection of questions.



Update of riverside path to Asda

The area of river bank alonside the Sainsbury's car park had became badly worn and was muddy and 'bald'. The area has now been re-seeded. It has been temporarily fenced off to enable the grass to re-establish. 2018 Fence completely removed..

There has been thinning of trees along the riverside and removal of excess ivy.

The riverside path has been extended as far as the corner of the Asda supermarket. The fence on the corner of Asda has now been completely removed. There is a rough path which ends in an awkward slope down to the Asda carpark. There has just been a survey for a replacement of this section. No further progress as of March 2019.

Summer Party

The weather this year was perfect for our outdoor summer party held on 7 July in the garden of The Beerling Hall. There was an excellent turn out this year with nearly 70 people present.
Fish and chip suppers were provided by Ossie’s from The Borough and others brought along a picnic. Local strawberries and cream were delicious and the entertainment included a jazz duo, a short quiz and a raffle. Everyone enjoyed the evening and it was a good opportunity to relax with friends and neighbours.

Solly's Orchard

The roses are continuing to do well, after their thorough pruning earlier in the year. The newly-planted flowers and shrubs are also making a good showing, though they will be even better later. Very many thanks to Geraldine Fish and her helpers.


The Annual General Meeting was held at The Beerling Hall. Canterbury on Thursday 5th April 2018 at 7.00pm.
It was agreed to extend our road coverage to include Albion Place, a cul-de-sac off Broad Street.
The annual membership fee is unchanged at £6 for a household and £4 for a single membership.
The committee were re-elected.
There are some photos of the evening on our News page.

The guest speaker was:
The Reverend Canon Nicholas Papadopoulos, Canon Treasurer of the Cathedral. His talk was about details of his career.

The SPRA annual Christmas party was held at the Beerling Hall at 7pm 14 December by kind permission of the King's School. There was no charge for this event; and it was for members and their families only.

The Revised application for a two storey house in the garden of 52 King St to replace that refused in March this year for a three storey house has been refused permission on similar grounds to the previous refusal..

Nov 2017 The Abbott Mill Project made an updated proposal earlier this year to lease the Arrowhead which is an designated area of of Semi-natural Open Space. The proposal was discussed at the CAMP meeting and Niall McKernan spoke on behalf of the SPRA to oppose the proposal and to suggest that we would like to make a counter proposal.

The bed underneath the roses in Solly's Orchard has been cleared of all the weeds and the roses pruned and tied by one of our members, Geraldine Fish. She had volunteered to look after the rose bed which was planted by the SPRA – and also later planting additions by the Kentish Stour Countryside Project (KSCP)). She is being helped by Anne Poole, Carlos Elias, Janice Butler and another. The bed is now ready for edging by Serco as previously agreed.

Nov 2017 The Council had a consultation as to whether to make Orange Street, The Friars and Best Lane a pedestrian area; paved like Guildhall Street. There was a meeting at The Friends Meeting House chaired by Kevin Poiree. The main concern expressed was regarding the location of the proposed rising bollards at the junction of the Friars and King St. It was felt that this would create problems for vehicle access to the Friends Meetinghouse car park, the Residents' car park opposite and disabled access to the Marlowe Theatre parking area. The bollards could be relocated just before the bridge or alternatively just before the junction with St Peter's Street. These and other possibilities are currently (April 2018) being considered following a consultation..
Sept 2018 work completed to Best Lane and well underway in the Friars and Orange Street.

Nov 2017 Revised application for a two storey house in the garden of 52 King St to replace that refused in March this year for a three storey house.

There was an application from The Parrot to put two tables and chairs on land outside their premises. This was refused by the council. Shepherd Neame subsequently appealed against this decision and this was, surprisingly, allowed by the Inspector.

Our Summer Party was held on 13th July in the garden of the Beerling Hall (ex-Dominican Priory). See NEWS for more details and photos.

SPRA AGM This was held on Friday 7th April at 6.30 p.m. for 7 p.m. in The Beerling Hall (ex-Dominican Priory) by kind permission of The King’s School, the Hall’s lessees.

The Abbot Mill Project have revived their aspirations of installing a water wheel in Abbot Mill Garden and to take over the Council owned part of the Arrowhead on the opposite side of Pound Lane. Rebecca Booth, the Council's Senior Environment Officer, has preparing an appraisal for submission to the various council bodies that might be concerned.

March 2016 There have been several planning and associated applications earlier this year:

Consultation advertisement regarding proposed use of the area opposite to the Millers Arms as a pub garden. This had numerous adverse comments from local residents and the Council decided not to proceed any further.

Planning application

Application regarding using area opposite the Parrot pub for siting of an A board, cafe style barriers, tables and chairs. This had hostile representations from over 24 local residents! The planning officer then emphatically refused the application on numerous grounds. Click HERE to lead directly to the application and full details. There was a subsequent appeal by Shepherd Neame and, somewhat suprisingly, the refusal was overturned. There are some limitations imposed such as the outside hours being limited to 9pm.

Planning application for new house on end of garden of a listed building, 52 King St.

This was refused permission by the planning officer, on numerous grounds. There has since been a revised application with the building reduced in height to two stories which is awaiting a decision..

Park Gates Unlocked at night. It was notice some months ago that the gates of Solly's Orchard/Abbot Mill Garden were being left unlocked. This was contrary to what had been previously been formally agreed back in 2011. (See details of this earlier in this section).See NEWS for further details

The Christmas Party 2016 This was excellent!. It was held at 7pm on Wednesday 14th December in the Beerling Hall. (This is at the end of the lane, Dons Way, off St Peters Street behind the Marlowe Theatre site). Click HERE for link to poster. See NEWS for further details.

Oct Quiz

The quiz was cancelled due to lack of sufficient bookings. Not sure why this was, as previously has been a popular well attended event.

July Summer Barbeque

This took place at The Beerling Hall on Thursday 21 July. Unfortunately it was not as well attended as had been expected.

June 2016 The Licensing application for the proposed restaurant at 4-6 Orange St was refused on the basis that the application was for what appeared to be a bar rather than the restaurant for which planning permission had been previously obtained. Update April 2017. The site has been advertised for rental as one or two units for the past few months. Now open as a furniture shop.

June 2016

The area of river bank alonside the Sainsbury's car park had became badly worn and was muddy and 'bald'. The area has now been re-seeded. It has been temporarily fenced off to enable the grass to re-establish. Nov 2016 - Temporary fence still in place and grass etc regrown. Now a nice place for the river birds. July 2017 'temporary' fence still there! Dec 2017 temporaty fence removed but placed further down the riverside.

There has been thinning of trees along the riverside and removal of excess ivy.

The riverside path has been extended as far as the corner of the Asda supermarket. The only barrier left is a 3' high post and rail fence which the nimble can, unofficially, vault over. A 78 year old managed it! Update Feb 2017. The top rail of the fence has been sawn off! Access is now easy for all but sloping path slippery in wet weather. It is likely there will be a continuation of the footpath to the rear of Asda's in due course.

SPRA 2016 Annual General Meeting

This was held at the Beerling Hall on 28 April at 7 pm. click NEWS for details of the meeting.

2016 Subscriptions

We are pleased to say that subscriptions are unaltered. £6 for a family or £4 for a single person. Anyone wishing to be a new member will find an application form by clicking the 'How to Join' button.

The SPRA Annual General Meeting on Thursday 14 April 2015

This was held at 7 p.m. in The Beerling Hall (ex-Dominican Priory) by kind permission of The
King’s School, the Hall’s lessees. Refreshments were provided.

The Christmas Party 2015 This was held at 7pm on Wednesday 16th December in the Beerling Hall. (This is at the end of the lane, Dons Way, off St Peters Street behind the Marlowe Theatre site). Click HERE for link to poster for further details.

A Quiz Night was held on 17 Oct in the Westgate Hall. Click HERE for full details of the scores.

Scams, Cold Callers and E-mail Fraud

A very comprehensive document covering various types of fraud was recently prepared by Neighbourhood Watch. To read it click HERE.

2015 Subscriptions

All subscriptions are now up to date. Anyone wishing to be a new member will find an application form by clicking the 'How to Join' button.


St Peter's Residents’ Association AGM 2015 was held on Thursday 9th April 2015 at the Conservative Club, 31 St Margaret's Street at 7.30pm. The guest speaker was Cllr James Flanagan, Councillor for Westgate Ward.

Northgate improvements

The City Council has completed its plans to enhance the appearance of Northgate - click NEWS for more details

Read our Oct-Dec 2014 newsletters filed under Neighbourhood Watch - click HERE

SPRA Christmas Party 2014

This was held on Thursday 11 December at 7.00pm at St Alphege Church, St Alphege Lane (by kind permission of The King’s School).

Members of SPRA had a festive get together with wine, mince pies and nibbles. They were entertained by a selection of Christmas and other songs from the Barrett Brothers who lead them in singing some well known Christmas carols.

Westgate Hall QUIZ NIGHT

The first event at the refurbished Westgate Hall on 18th Oct 2014 was a SPRA quiz night. With 19 teams of six members each, the new Westgate Hall proved to be an ideal location for the quiz and will no doubt be used for some future SPRA events. In addition to being a very enjoyable evening, the event also yielded a modest sum for the association, which will be used to help cover general expenses.

Thanks to all SPRA members and their guests who made this event so successful. Special thanks go to our chairman Richard Parkinson, who was an outstanding quizmaster, to Kevin Poree, who put together the challenging questions and who, with Gillian Rushton, kept the scores.

Abbot's Mill footbridge and sluice - awarded Listed Building Status - See NEWS for more information

Solly's Orchard

The SPRA have planted climbing roses along a section of the brick perimeter wall in Solly's Orchard. See NEWS for more information

Westgate Hall

Nov 2014. The hall is now open for business.

Following the signing of the contract for the 99 year lease earlier this year work started with the refurbishment of the hall. Curzon Cinema have also completed construction of their three cinemas and opened in October.

Residents Card Offers

The scheme has significantly altered. The existing cards have been replaced. There is currently a supply of the new cards at the Beeney information desk. Alternatively your Smart Phone can be used with a downloadable APP. Look at for further information.

SPRA AGM 2014 was held on 10th April at 7pm at the St Alphege Centre by kind permission of the King's School. Bob Jones, Managing Director, of the City Centre Partnership was the guest speaker. He outlined the proposed scheme to impose a levy on medium to large City businesses to provide a fund to improve the city centre. See NEWS for further details of the meeting.

Dates for your diary 2014

Due to lack of a suitable venue summer events have been cancelled pending the opening of the Westgate Hall

The SPRA Summer quiz is planned for 2nd June. Venue to be confirmed - cancelled.

The SPRA annual BBQ will be on 2nd August. Venue - to be confirmed - cancelled.

The SPRA Christmas Party 2013

It was not possible to use the usual venue of the Dominican Priory as it is shut until further notice following the sad death of Don Beerling. This year it was held on 12 December from 7.15 to 9:00 pm at the St Alphege Centre, with the kind permission of the King's School

Litter Pick Nov 2013

A litter pick was held on 4 Nov 2013. Three members of the SPRA, including our chairman, cleared cans, bottles and other litter along the river banks from St Radigunds Bridge up to Kingsmead Bridge and filled about 8 refuse sacks. It is intended to make this a regular event. All the equipment was provided by the Canterbury City Council.

St Dunstant's Traffic scheme consultation Oct 2013. Please make YOUR comment. Click NEWS for full information.

Residents Card Offers. Save on eating out and shopping. Quite a lot of useful discounts. Click for full details HERE

Quiz Night

There was a quiz night at the Dominican Priory on 22 June 2013 at 7:00 pm for £6 a head which included a light supper, prizes and raffle. This was a great success and there were 14 teams in all. See NEWS for some photos.

The SPRA Annual BBQ Thursday 25 July 2013

See NEWS for some photos.

This was held as usual at the Dominican Priory on Thursday 25th July. There was a live Jazz Band, Raffle and Quiz and of course the BBQ. Thanks to our chairman, Richard, and his committee for their excellent organisation of the event.


This was held at the Dominican Priory on Thursday 25 April 2013. Hilary McKernan retired as chairman after three years and Richard Parkinson has taken over. She was presented with a magnificent bouquet of flowers from the committee. See NEWS for some photos and chairman's report..

Our guest speaker was Richard Griffiths, the Council's Outdoor Leisure Manager. He spoke about the council's Stour Riverside Strategy. This relates to connecting and enhancing land adjacent to the River Stour in terms of access for people and wildlife, which requires a coordinated approach from a number of agencies, partners and the local community to develop this opportunity.


Thanks to the many members who have paid by standing order. Also thanks to the other members who have been so prompt with renewing their subscriptions - it is a big help. Only 7 outstanding subs as of 14th May! Update - all subs now in by mid July.

Quiz Night 2013

A quiz night has been arranged for 22 June at the Dominican Priory. See News for details

Christmas Party

This was held as usual at The Dominican Priory on Thursday 15th December from 7 to 9 pm.

Quiz Night

There was a quiz night at the Dominican Priory on 10th November at 7:00 pm for £6 a head which included a light supper, prizes and raffle. This was a great success and there were 12 teams in all. click NEWS for the results sheet.

Big Clean

A further 'Big Clean' was held on 6 October. The SPRA cleared litter from King St, Best Lane, Orange St, St Alphege Lane and Palace Street. Three members also cleared all litter and bottles etc from along the river from St Radigunds up to Kingsmead Bridge and filled about 15 refuse sacks.

A Big Clean was held July 7th 2012. We dealt with Solly's Orchard, Abbot's Mill Gardens and Mill Lane and helped out with cleaning the river. A large quantity of ivy was cleared from the Solly's Orchard brick wall. The mill races were cleared of debris. One of our members cleared rubbish in the river.

The SPRA Annual Barbeque 12 July 2012

See NEWS for some photos. Photo 2 shows youngest and oldest members present!

This was held as usual at the Dominican Priory on Thursday 12th July. There was a live Jazz Band, Raffle and Quiz and of course our excellent BBQ. Due to the wet weather we had to eat indoors but the food was cooked as usual on the outside barbeque. Shelter was provided by a gazebo kindly lent by Lucy.


To celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee the SPRA invited all members, with their families and friends to join them for a PICNIC in Solly's Orchard on Monday 4th June 2012. Nothing formal, just bring your own picnic and something to sit on and we will be there from 12 noon. Unfortunately the weather was very poor so we were kindly offered use of the Westgate Hall and an enjoyable time was held by all..

The SPRA AGM 2012

The Annual General Meeting of the St Peter’s Association was held at the Dominican Priory on Thursday 26 April at 7pm. Guest speakers were Adelina Comas-Herrera, Chairman of the Westgate Community Trust and Imogen Morizet, Vice-chairman. They told us how the hall was saved from demolition and their plans for the future.

Planning Application Update Oct 2012

Planning application for Photovoltaic cell installation in St Radigunds Street CA/12/00173 update 24 April 2012

Following over 65 letters of objection from Local residents and a refusal recommendation from the Planning Officer, this application was been withdrawn. A new planning application for a temporary large timber framed storage building with roof mounted solar cells followed in June. This was also withdrawn following a similar number of objection letters and again a refusal recommendation from the Planning Officer. See the council website planning application CA/12/00882 for full details. A further application has been mooted.

SPRA Membership renewal 2012-3 The subscription is unchanged. £5 per household or £3 for a single member. It takes a lot of time collecting and chasing up subscriptions. To help reduce this we have introduced Standing Order as the preferred payment method. Please use this if possible - it will help us and be easier for you. Once set up it will continue automatically until cancelled. Click HERE for form.

Cromwell's Bar Update 5 July 2012 The building conversion is completed and the Kings School are now using it as photographic and pottery workshops.

Planning permission for the Kings School was granted 12 Dec 2011for its change of use to Pottery and Photographic workshops. See Ref CA/11/01786 on the councils website for details. There will only be nominal changes to the exterior and interior of the building.

Christmas Party 2011 This was held as usual at The Dominican Priory on Thursday 15th December from 7 to 9 pm.

Westgate Hall Update 24 April. Legal work still not completed and hall remains open for the present. The council’s Executive have accepted the Westgate Hall Trust’s proposals. The Trust will run the large hall as a centre for the community. Curzon Cinemas will run the other half of the building as a 3 screen cinema. Conversion work should start in June 2012.

For more information click HERE for a link to the Trust's website

2nd Big Clean Up Oct 2011. The St Peters Association took part again. All the weeds were removed from King St and part of Mill Lane and Blackfriars Street.

1st Big Clean Up June 2011. in the big clean up of the City. See News for details

Barbeque 2011 Our annual barbeque was held on 14 July at the Dominican Prior.

Marlowe Theatre Licensing Application. This was approved at the Guildhall on 26 May 2011

City Parks and Gardens

Chairman Solly's Orchard

Chairman beside Solly's Orchard

Solly's Orchard, The Butterfly Garden, The Greyfriars Garden and The Three Cities Garden, will remain locked at night using the Civil Enforcement Officers (traffic wardens). The Westgate Garden, Canterbury Castle and Greyfriars Garden will also remain locked at night.




SPA AGM 2011 The AGM was on Thursday 28 April 2011 at 7pm. The guest speaker was Philippe Esclasse, the City Centre Manager, who spoke on the future of Canterbury City centre and answered numerous questions. Barry Clarke our Treasurer retired after several years service and was presented with a gift token. Gillian Rushton was elected in his place. Lucy Boutwood retired as Secretary and Alexi Brook was elected in her place. Janet Scott was elected as our planning representative.

Ocakbasi St Peters Street Made application KE-PR-1001 for a late night takeaway licence until 3am every day. This has now been granted after the Police withdrew their objection, due to legal difficulties.

Pavement protection Several bollards and posts have been damaged in our area and we actively chased up their reinstatement. We were pleased to see, 3 February 2011, that the broken post was replaced outside The Dolphin. Unfortunately it was broken again and has been replaced again. The post on the corner of King St/Knotts Lane has been replaced. The post on the corner of King St/Orange Street was at last replaced in August 2011 after 9 months of chasing up and replaced again in Sept 2012.!

Passion Bar Kandi after being shut since October 2010 was re-branded 'Passion' and re-opened on Friday 4 February and then shut in April. The lease is currently for sale. The interior has recently been stripped. July 2012 now re-incarnated as Margaritas

78 Northgate Planning application CA/11/00067/FUL for change of use from restaurant class A3 to takeaway class A5, opening until 11:30pm. The premises was known as 'Paprika'. Permission was granted in March.

Christmas Party 2010 This was held as usual at The Dominican Priory on Thursday 16th December

The Ballroom The Ballroom formerly Orange Street Music Club is now open after a major refurbishment as a bar and live music venue. Their web site is http:/

Office Equipment Shop 2-3 Orange Street. Application for change of use to Restaurant/cafe CA/10/01878. The decision was deferred for further consideration but has since been granted.

Cromwell's - G Bar. G Bar is no more. The premises is closed, has been sold to a private buyer and will not reopen as a licensed bar.

Big Clean Up The St Peters Association took part in the big clean up of the City on Saturday 9th October 2010 in conjunction with The Canterbury Society. The river and the footpaths on either side, between The Millers Arms and Sainsburys had large amounts of rubbish and litter removed.

Proposed mill museum and alternative energy site
. The plot has been legally transferred in July 2010 and some of the scrub cleared. A planning application was proposed for late 2010 but had not materialised as of 8 May 2011. Application still not made as of Feb 2011..

Potholes Update
. Potholes in St Radigunds and King Street are now mended. More King St potholes patched September 2011.

Barbeque 2010 The annual barbeque was held on 22 July at the Dominican Priory. Once again we had fine weather and a warm evening. It was nice to see some new younger faces.

Westgate Hall
update Oct 2012. Still no signing of the contract as yet.

9 June The Council have responded encouragingly to the Westgate Hall Trust proposals to run the hall as a charitable trust and save it from demolition. Click HERE to connect to their website.

Northgate Newsagents Their new alcohol licence has only been granted until 9pm - not the 2am originally applied for.

Unit 1 4-6 Orange Street Planning permission has been refused for change of use to a restaurant mainly due to lack of information..

Potholes Four members of our committee met with County Councillor Graham Gibbens and showed him examples of the potholes in St Radigunds St. He has put us in touch with Richard Dixon of Highways. A meeting has also been arranged with Martin Vye, our County Councillor.

Lady Luck Bar St Peter's Street has been granted a music licence. One live and one recorded event per month both to end by 11pm. Noise suppressor to be fitted to the music system. Back door to garden to be kept closed. Their music licence has been considerably extended early 2012 to have music twice a week. .

Westgate Community Trust Following the statement that the Council intend to demolish the hall as being uneconomic to run, a trust was set up to propose taking over the running of the building for the community. A business plan has been submitted to the council and their response is awaited. Click HERE for a link to the Trust's excellent Website.

The Beaney Update 24 April 2012. Revised planning application granted. Two small trees to be planted on the frontage to Best Lane. There is a revised planning application to remove all requirement for outside planting etc. If this of concern to you then you can read the Architects report by clicking HERE

Unit 1 4-6 Orange Street Update 24 April. Application still not decided. There is an outline planning application CA/10/00546, which has just been submitted, for change of use from class A1 (retail) to class A3 (cafe or restaurant). This building is at present occupied by the Merchant Chandler. The application is from the premises owners Praedia Investments Ltd. Details can be found on the Council Website. A representation has been made by the Association. As of Nov 2011 all the building is for sale. This does not affect the leaseholders.

THE ST PETERS ASSOCIATION AGM 2010 The AGM took place at The Dominican Priory on Thursday 22 April at 7pm. A new constitution was adopted and there were various changes to the Officers and Committee. See NEWS for more details

GRAFFITI Update 24 April. Further graffiti removed from double doors on frontage to 52 King Street. There were several buildings in The King's Street area sprayed with Graffiti in March 2010. The police have had the details. Serco have successfully removed it from some of the houses. Look at INFORMATION page for details of graffiti reporting

All old entries have been moved to the ARCHIVES section. Click HERE for archives


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